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As growth in Internet communication continues, companies around the world are finding new ways to make money, reduce operating expenses, and improve connectivity.

Merz Communications has developed some of the most advanced communications software in the Industry. On projects of all sizes from Klamath Counties "Stepping Stones" drug rehabilitation clinic systems to embedded systems for the Public Network Group, along with MILSTAR, the Defense Departments secure communications satellite network.

Our experienced team includes engineers and technicians knowledgeable and experienced in: design, development, integration and test. Our complete solutions based on Industry Standard Proven Technology and Open Architectures guarantee Quality you can afford.

We offer a full range of connectivity services to include:

· High speed Intra/Internet connectivity solutions. Solid from the ground up: hardware, software, operating system, network, database and applications layers, all "state of the art", all Industry Standard.

· "Partner Based" Extranets for secure inter agency communications, data sharing and Internet based virtual networking, allowing an Extended Intranet Architecture to be deployed.

· A three tiered Industry Standard secure "state of the art" set of hardware and software Firewalls protecting data, systems and communications.

· Web Site and database integration allowing customers to receive responses to their information queries that facilitate and educate in helping them find solutions to their needs.

· Responsive secure MIS (Management of Information Systems) that allows staff to be more productive and more effectively provide not only for the needs of customers but facilitate communications and operations for the organization as a whole.

· Environmental Security (development, administrative and maintenance) not only secure from external threats but secure from internal configuration, performance and maintenance threats to proper operations by the use of proven Industry Standard technology and methodology.

· As a WebTrends Vendor partner our solutions for Enterprise-Class Web Site Analysis and Reporting Capabilities include complete statistics (Hit Count, Web Presence, process, network, event monitoring) for administration and MIS reporting.

· As an Encanto Networks Business Partner we provide complete ISP/Server high speed solutions for both performance and security and are scaleable over time, insuring a manageable upgrade path.

· Technical, Administrative and Maintenance, tools, tutorials, complete training and support system with Industry Standard utilities and tools for self administration with remote support.

Let Merz Communications analyze your business environment and offer you a solution you can count on for affordability and quality based on Industry Standard proven technology and Open Systems Architecture.


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Doing Business On The Web

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April 20, 1999

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