Merz Communications adheres to the IBM standard definition for security:

"It is generally acknowledged that enterprise strength security is the top priority enabler for the acceptance and rapid deployment of e-business applications. It is also clear that most IT customers install a variety of security products from different vendors in their heterogeneous environments. These vendors may provide point products or end-to-end security solutions. Some are proprietary implementations, some are platform specific. Thus, for e-business security solutions to be widely accepted, they must be interoperable in heterogeneous environments: they must be open, standards based and not proprietary, platform specific."

Networks Security has become a growing cause of concern among today’s professional IT organizations. Properly securing you network can save your company money and protect your confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. From secure defense communications networks like MILSTAR to Xtranets (Intranet/Extranet/VPN) and the Internet, Merz Communications builds on solid, proven, Industry Standard technology solutions to provide you the level of quality in communications security that your business demands.

Being a premier security solutions provider is one of our primary goals and are committed to providing the best in security services including site security audits, secure network design and integration, firewall installation, system administration, maintenance and training.

Our initial network security audit and assessment can provide valuable information and help you determine the security requirements of your LAN or WAN. We recommend a thorough assessment of security and performance characteristics, including network traffic baselines and possible security leaks.

From Data Acquisition... to Business Intelligence ... Securely.



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IBM eNetwork Firewall V3.3 for AIX and for Windows NT Extends Enterprise Network Security


IBM's eNetwork™ Firewall products can protect your network from outsiders by:

Only permitting traffic through the firewall which is explicitly permitted.

"Hardening" the system the firewall is running on to ensure there is less of a chance for "hackers" to get into or through the firewall.

Hiding the IP addresses and configuration of the internal network from the untrusted network.

Allowing you to log all traffic through the firewall and use it to generate reports on user activity.

More Secure and Cost-Effective Connections.

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