Merz Communications uses Sun Solaris 7 featuring a 64 bit environment for Top Of The Line performance in mission critical environments, Linux Open Source Kernel for custom application and operating systems integration and the Apache httpd Web Server to provide IBM Websphere and eCommerce based business integration services.

The Apache httpd server now has many improvements over the NCSA httpd it was based on and provides over 50% of the world's web services, truly an Industry Standard providing Top Quality performance and Unparalled Affordability !

Unix development is one of Merz Communications specialties, having performed contract development work in conjunction with Bellcore for the Public Networks division of NEC America, where Industry Standard development and performance is the requirement, Sun Microsystems Solaris operating system is the answer.

Solaris is the is clear choice for a robust and powerful commercial implementation of Unix. And now Solaris 7 is easier to use than ever with web-based installation and administration.

Merz Communication's Unix team can help you with all aspects of: design, development and integration. Along with installation, maintenance and systems administration.

We have technical specialists familiar with the entire Solaris product line, knowledgeable in system management, backup systems, security, and more.

Recent studies and market research efforts indicate that by the year 2000, Solaris will be the dominant Unix operating system.

Enterprise Technology Solutions that provide Affordable Quality in satisfying specialized Internet or Intranet requirements, Solaris is the product to choose, and Merz Communications is the company you can trust.



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In The News

Linux projected to outpace all contenders through 2003

(IDG) -- Total Linux commercial shipments will grow faster than those of all other client or server operating environments through 2003, reports International Data Corporation (IDC). IDC says it is reporting the figures in response to increased demand for details on the open source operating system's progress -- but getting the numbers right is no simple matter.

One small step for Linux and Sun

Sun offers tuned-up Linux emulator for Solaris on Intel. (May 12, 1999)

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