Experienced in network projects that range from large Public Network Group IDLC networks to Small Business LANs, Merz Communication's network team is uniquely qualified to help our customers analyze and improve network performance and manage todays increasing network demands. Our network engineers specialize in complex hardware and software platforms and protocols, supporting Intranet/Internet integration, Extranets and VPNs of every size.


Merz Communications put the Power of Information Technology to work for you. If you are setting up or maintaining an enterprise Wide-Area Network or are analyzing improved throughput requirements for your LAN, our engineers are sure to have the solution your business needs to gain the edge in the electronic arena.


Network management, fault management and configuration management, along with performance assessments are areas in which we can help you best manage your existing or new network projects. We will help you to better understand your networks functionality and provide design guidelines for optimal performance, usability and reliability.


With expertise in all of the major routing protocols and knowledge of cross-platform issues, whether your connectivity requirements involve TCP/IP (NT, UNIX),APPN (IBM AS/400 connectivity) or IPX (NetWare), you can count on Merz Communications to provide Industry Standard Open Architecture Solutions that guarantee Affordable Quality for your network project.



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Networkings Best Team

SUN Solstice Enterprise Manager

The most advanced distributed network management foundation from Sun, Solstice Enterprise Manager 3.0 software capitalizes on the benefits of JavaTM technology for managing and providing faster time to market of new business services.

  Sun Demonstrates Prototype of "Any Network, Any Size"

IBM's Java Web-Based Network Management: Easy Manageability -- From Anywhere (white paper)
The first generation of Java-enabled network management products, including IBM's pioneering Nways Workgroup Manager for Windows NT, demonstrates the potential of Java Web-based network management over the corporate intranet.

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