No aspect of e-business has garnered more attention than e-commerce. The ability to offer goods and services over the Web has had a remarkable impact on a wide number of industries. Over $750 million in airline tickets were sold over the Web last year, and the brokerage industry now manages $200 billion worth of assets in online accounts.

The e-commerce process includes:

Electronic presentation of goods and services
Online order taking and bill presentment
Automated customer account inquiries
Online payment and transaction handling

How does e-commerce become e-business enabled?
Here are some of the ways your company can implement an e-commerce strategy with e-business in mind:

Develop a dynamic, database-driven online catalog.
Provide for online ordering by securely integrating your front-end presentation with an order entry system.
Move static billing statement data to an interactive Web-based presentment server.
Accept electronic payment methods (credit cards, EFT, etc.) for full-transaction shopping or bill payment.

The results:

By using e-business based e-commerce solutions, companies can:

Improve margins by using a lower-cost online channel.
Reduce costs associated with paper-based processes: postage, printing, and handling.
Reduce float through the use of electronic transfers/just-in-time payments.
Give customers faster, more responsive service.

Why IBM?

With scalability, security, and reliability built in from the ground up, IBM e-commerce solutions are designed to enable you to conduct business-to-business and business-to-consumer Internet transactions. These solutions are designed to integrate with your company's customer service and SCM processes.


We offer:

Commerce software solutions (Web servers, applications servers)
Services for consulting, systems integration
LAN/Intranet website integration
Billing & electronic payment server solutions




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Doing Business On The Web

An e-business overview

What is e-business ?

e-busi·ness (e' biz' nis)

The transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologies.
The Web is changing every aspect of our lives, but no area is undergoing as rapid and significant a change as the way businesses operate. As businesses incorporate Internet technology into their core business processes they start to achieve real business value. Today, companies large and small are using the Web to communicate with their partners, to connect with their back-end data-systems, and to transact commerce. This is e-business -- where the strength and reliability of traditional information technology meet the Internet.

This new Web + IT paradigm merges the standards, simplicity and connectivity of the Internet with the core processes that are the foundation of business. The new killer apps are interactive, transaction intensive, and let people do business in more meaningful ways.

Expertise you can trust
Whether you're just starting to take the first steps or are already engaged in e-business, taking full advantage of the opportunities e-business can present requires planning -- and this is where we can help.

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