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Pinacor Leasing

Merz Communications uses Pinacor Leasing the premier agency in leasing contracts for technology today. Some of the benefits of going with a Pinacor lease include:

Capital Conservation
Conserve working capital, with Pinacor 100% financing and no down payment.

Deferred Payments
Defer up to three monthly lease payments to the end of the lease at no extra charge with Pinacors' Payment Protection Package.

Tax Advantages
Take a Tax Deduction on your lease payments. Lease payments are normally tax deductible. This can amount to a sizable increase in working capital as well, that would have went to taxes.

Total Solution Financing
Installation, training, maintenance, and other soft costs not typically financed by a bank can generally be included in the cost of your lease.

Flexible Cost Effective Upgrade Path
As your business expands and technology changes, equipment add-ons and upgrades will be required. With a Pinacor lease your upgrade path requirements can be accommodated at any point during the lease term. Ask about Pinacor add-on schedules and master lease program.

Pinacors' Built In Obsolescence Protection
A Pinacor leasing solution provides you with a financial vehicle to protect you from excessive cost in maintaining a proper upgrade path tailored to your business growth. Constantly changing computer technology and holding onto equipment which no longer serves your needs is eliminated, giving you the advantage of using the latest technology with shorter-term lease programs.


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The Benefits Of Leasing

Q and A

Can I trade in the equipment currently on my lease for newer equipment?

Yes, that is one of the benefits of leasing.

Can I add additional equipment to my lease?

Yes. A simple, one-page Add-On Schedule allows you to do this easily with no money down and no extension of the term.

What about insurance?

You handle insurance the same as if you had purchased the equipment.

What about warranties?

All vendor warranties are passed on to the customer.

What about service and repairs?

Your Authorized PINACOR Reseller will handle repairs and service in the same manner as if you had purchased the equipment.

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