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  Welcome to Merz Communications!
Our goal is to provide
Industry Standard Open Architecture Solutions that guarantee our customers Affordable Quality. With 25 Years of Industry Experience and partnership with todays Industry Leaders, Merz Communications has the cost effective, proven, technology solutions your business can count on.

  Enterprising Ingredients: How Java Holds e-business Together
e-business solutions enable customers to dramatically expand their product market, foster customer loyalty, speed time to market, and grow their top and bottom line. The extraordinary momentum behind Java is due largely to the fact that Java is ideally suited for solving these business problems.

  Connecting Enterprise Data to the Web:
An IBM e-business experience report
white paper)
Support for DB2 access via Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), combined with Java's renowned portability, makes it possible to deliver DB2 access to clients on multiple platforms, with only a Java-enabled Web browser required.

  IBM's Java Web-Based Network Management: Easy Manageability -- From Anywhere
The first generation of Java-enabled network management products, including IBM's pioneering Nways Workgroup Manager for Windows NT, demonstrates the potential of Java Web-based network management over the corporate intranet.

  Linux on UltraSPARC
What does the marriage mean for Sun?

  Flexible Control of Downloaded Executable Content (white paper)
This paper presents a system for managing the execution of downloaded content according to flexibly-defined security policies.






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Doing Business On The Web

Mapping The Storefront To The Backend

Intelligent Workflow Managers ease the process.

Given the TCP/IP based environment of the Intranet/Internet with Web Enabled devices embedded throughout becoming prevalent, a strategy for automating the flow of information from legacy Intranet systems to the Internet Storefront has become essential.

One such strategy being adopted is Intelligent Workflow Managers. A workflow management background task allowing files generated at the Web Storefront to be forwarded to the appropriate applications server will increase the flow of work and stream line the process of getting data from the Web to the Backend.

Intelligent FTP clients are also being used for retrieving data from dedicated applications servers on a scheduled basis and getting it to the Storefront for continuous updates to shipping confirmations, product information and pricing.

Coupled with Auto Import Utilities designed to map Storefront data gathering forms and interactive submissions to specific backend applications, data can be migrated with a high degree of efficiency while maintaining integrity from the Storefront to the Backend.

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