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  WindowsNT Server !
In addition to SUN Solaris for mission critical networks and RedHat Linux networks providing unparalled affordability and customization, we also provide networking with WindowsNT Server for the Microsoft environment, which then gives you the capability to take advantage of the added functionalities of the Microsoft products including: BackOffice, Exchange Server, Proxy Server and SQL Server providing a complete "Intra Office" connectivity solution for Microsoft environments as well. Couple this with the Small Business Server (SBS) bundle designed by Microsoft and you have a scalable network implementation for the small business environment of any size.

Managed Customer Support
Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook98 provides easy-to-use e-mail, calendar and contact management and allows you to share customer data with everyone in the office group. Group calendars allow for easy time management and are linked to the time saving features built into Microsoft Outlook.


BackOffice Small Business Server gives you the tools to manage your office network and provides an integrated working environment for organization of work flow and data, increasing efficiency and reducing work load related expenses and unnecessary overhead.


Secure Web Sessions
BackOffice Small Business Server gives everyone in your office a secure connection to the Web without requiring each PC to have a modem and phone line.

Build your business's Internet presence with Microsoft FrontPage and Internet Information Server included as part of WindowsNT, providing site publishing and hosting capability.

Share files, printers, and applications
BackOffice Small Business Server in conjunction with Microsoft WindowsNT Server, will provide a powerful networked environment that offers fast and reliable file, printer and application sharing.


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Doing Business On The Web

The Microsoft Complete Commerce toolkit

The Microsoft Complete Commerce toolkit provides the information you need to deliver a complete commerce service to your enterprise business customers. The toolkit includes a customizable presentation, a live and browser-based demonstration, an integrated hardware and software setup and configuration guide, and technical white papers on deploying the commerce service, architecting the service, and optimizing solution performance. With this information, you will be able both to deploy an enterprise commerce service and market the service to your customers.

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